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June XX, afternoon. Same place.

Not for the first time, Judy is grateful that her boots are both stylish and comfortable. She knows full-well they don't expect her to walk around the arena, but after learning of her rescheduled fight literally in that morning's newsletter, taking chances became an even poorer option than it already was

Across the (currently mountainous) arena, her sharp-dressed opponent smiles pleasantly. "Congratulations on getting to round three, Miss..."

"Judy. Judy Richards." And there's her stage fright coming on again. "Nice to meet you, sir. I hope the battle goes well for us." 

"Call me Kenton, please." He literally reminds her of a dating sim protagonist. She can't figure out why, but thinks it's the willowy body type. Or the eyes.

DING! goes the battle clock.

"Go, Jacob and Katherine!"

Jacob climbs one of the rocks to get a better view. Katherine perches on his head, whistling cheerfully.

"Goodra! Crobat!"

She notices that his Crobat immediately flies above all but the highest peaks in the arena. His..."Goodra" (which honestly looks like a giant purple lizard covered in slime) gives Jacob and Katherine a curious look, and its four antennae twitch.

"Katherine, Safeguard! Jacob, Vital Throw on Goodra!"

"Crobat, Sky Attack! Get that Machoke out of here!"

Crobat dives at Jacob, all four wings spread wide and glowing. Katherine shares a look with Jacob and takes off.

Jacob leaps onto another rock, laughing as Crobat crashes. He then jumps to the ground and charges at Goodra with his arms held high.

Given the size difference, he doesn't throw Goodra so much as distract it with a guillotine choke before tripping it. Judy literally feels the shockwaves from Goodra's landing in her bones.

"Nice work, Jacob! Smack Down on Crobat! Katherine, help him out with Astonish!"

Katherine smacks Crobat with her wings, squawking like an angry Taillow. Despite her best efforts, Crobat still dodges the thrown boulder.

"Keep trying! Goodra, Dragon Pulse! Crobat, get a Double Team going!"

Crobat immediately spawns multiple copies of itself in the air. All of them have the same smug look.

Katherine chirps in surprise, then follows suit.

"Hey! I didn't tell you to do that!" Judy protests. "I mean, it works, so I can't complain, but still!"

Then Jacob gets hit in the chest with Goodra's Dragon Pulse. "Maaa...choke!" he growls. He gets a running start and lands a vicious flying sidekick in the fat dragon's gut.

Rather than gasping for air, Goodra only flinches slightly. It actually looks down and applauds Jacob, prompting face-wings from all the Crobat and Katherines.

"Oh, poop. I guess Goodra's more defensive than I thought," she says. The many pairs of flapping wings are making it hard to hear herself talk. "Jacob, try and Smack Down the Crobat again! Katherines, Mirror Move on Goodra!"

"Shit...!" Kenton seems to be getting out of his depth. "Goodra, Sludge Wave on everything! Crobat, when she's done, Roost!"

Goodra spits out an enormous amount of purple sludge, covering both the entire field and all of Katherine's copies. Jacob tries to grab onto a rock, slips, and lands on his back in the mess.

"Oh gods, that smells horrible...Katherine, Jacob, are you guys OK? Can you hear me?"
NOCT2 R3: VS. Kenton Violet
Happy Fourth of July, everyone! Kenton and his mons belong to CyMoahk. (Sorry this is late!)


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Mostly good news to deliver this time around. I got through all three of my finals with minimal amounts of stress (and actually got exempted from taking my Japanese final because I had a high average in the class :D), and my final grades so far are quite satisfactory. I also obtained Permission (link to refresh your memories) to write PPC stories and completed my first mission! Here's the link. Comments, questions, and nitpicks are all welcome!

Also, big big news. I've signed up for the 2015 Black Belt Cycle at my karate school, which is a roughly year-long program anyone who wants to test for a black belt has to go through. This is a huge honor, but also kind of terrifying. I feel sure I can handle it, though. I have a good track record of not getting seriously injured.

Finally (and more relevantly), I'm getting my wisdom teeth out on Thursday. Please send good vibes through the Internet. 

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